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About Us

PLEASE NOTE - Due to People copying our footage
Please note all our footage is Covered by Copyright Laws -
f you wish to use any of it 
(including ALL Social media sites) ,
you must obtain permission or a license from us.
Failure to do so may result in court action.

Filming 1992 (I had stated filming for 1985 ..)

Filming my Favourite sports such as Point to Points & Banger Racing

We now film over 50 Point to Points every season from Cornwall to Essex & up to Worcestershire with DVD's available on the day from our trade stand.


We also have filmed Autograss since 1992 filming the Men's  Nationals every since (except 2003). We have covered many events in the last 2 years , including concerts filming for the big screens with Little Mix, Jools Holland, Ella Jane, and other events such as Fashion shows, Trust Fest & Harness Racing, & Celebrity Golf at Celtic Manor (for the last 4 years)

We have filmed also the following in 2017/18

Morgan Motor Club - Proms in the Park

Little Mix - Support Acts

Jools Holland & Ella Janes at Lincoln Castle

Celebrity Golf at Celtic Manor

Cattle Dispersal Sale

Truck Fest at Newark

Fashion shows at Bristol Fashion week

Landtalks at Clovelly Show

The Team

Westcountry Videos

Jeff Guyett

Partner, Cameraman


Sarah Guyett


Security !

Hard as nails, Great Dane!!


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