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We are filming the following meetings in 2023

Men's Nationals (5th /6th Aug) - Evesham
Ladies & Junior Nationals (3rd/4th Sept) -Cambridge

BAS Round 1 - South Wales  - 24th/25th June
BAS Round 2 - Yorkshire Dales - 15th/16th July
BAS Round 3 - Scunthorpe - 19th/20th Aug
BAS Round 4 - Southern League- 16th/17th Sept
BAS Round 5 - Mallow  - 30th Sept /1st Oct

Southern League - Grand Prix - 7th/8th Oct

+ other Club events (watch this space)



We are filming the following  meetings for the 2020/21 season


Tues 30th March – Gloucester Races

Sat 3rd April – Spooners

Sun 11th April – Quantock

Sat 17th April – Flete Park

Sat 17th April – Worcestershire

Sat 24th April – Fourburrow

Sun 25th April – High Easter

Sun 25th April - Larkhill Races

Sat 1st May – Flete Park Races

Sat 1st May – Chetlenham Pony AREA 9 - Race Day

Sat 8th May – Minehead

Sun 9th May – Eggesford

Wed 12th May – Weston & Banwell

Mon 17th May – Dulverton West

Sat 29th May – Exmoor

Mon 31st May – South Tetcott

Mon 31st May – Albrighton Woodland

Sun 6th June – Tiverton Stags

We have filmed the following earlier meetings in 2020

1.  East Devon @ 0ttery St Mary - Sat 24th Oct (Live Streaming)

2. Gloucester  @ Maisemore Park - Sun 25th Oct(Live Streaming)

3. Wheatland @ Chaddesley Corbett - Sun 6th Dec (Live Streaming)

4. Cornwall Club @ Wadebridge - Sun 6th Dec (Live Streaming)

5. Avon Vale @ Larkhill - Sun 12th Dec (Live Streaming)

7. Barbury IRC @ Barbury Racecourse - 13th Dec (Live Streaming)


We Are Live Streaming all The Devon & Cornwall meetings

and other meetings from around the country this season

If you have an event you would like to be lived screened please contact us for details


EVENT                                                          VENUE                                                                                    DATES

  1. MAP OPEN  - RADFORD AUTOGRASS   - INKBERROW                                -    1st/2nd June

  2. BAS ROUND 2  - STOUD AUTOGRASS   - GOSSINGTON BRIDGE           -   22nd/23rd  June

  3. LADIES DAY - SOUTHERN LEAGUE          -   BEARLEY RACEWAY              -   7th July

  4. BAS ROUND 3 - GLOUCESTER LEAGUE - MAGOR RACEWAY                 -   13/14th July

  5. MENS NATRIONALS  - EVESHAM           -  JOHN WILKINS RACEWAY   -   3rd/4th August

  6. BAS ROUND 4  - YORKSHIRE DALES     - THORNBOROUGH                     -   17th /18th August

  7. FASTEST MAN ON GRASS  - CAENBY CORNER, LINCOLN                          -  25th/26th August


  9. BAS ROUND 5 - NORTH WALES - Broughton, NR  CHESTER                  -  14/15th Sept



Sun 18th Nov - Silverton & Mid Devon - at Buckfastleigh

Sat 24th Nov  - N.Hereford                     - at Eaton Hall

Sun 25th Nov - Vine & Caven                 - at Barbury Castle

Sun 2nd Dec   - Hursley Hambledon     - at Larkhill

Sun 9th Dec    - Cornwall Hunt Club      - at Wadebridge

Sun 16th Dec  - Barbury IRC                   - at Barbury Castle

Fri - 30th Dec  - Harkaway Club             - at Chaddesley Corbett


Sun 6th Jan    - Larkhill Racing Club  at Larkhill

Sun 13th Jan  - North Cornwall  at Wadebridge

Sat  26th Jan  - Royal Artillery  at Larkhill

Sun 27th  Jan - Tiverton  at Chipley Park

Sun 27th  Jan - Heythrop  at Cockleburrow

Sat 16th Feb   - Western at Wadebridge

Sun 17th Feb  - South Pool at Buckfastleigh

Sun 17th Feb  - Combined Services at Larkhill

Sat 23th Feb   - Albrighton Woodland at Chaddesley 

Sat 23rd Feb   - Vine & Craven at Barbury Castle

Sun 24th Feb  - Countryside Alliance at Badbury Rings

Sun 24th Feb  - East Cornwall - at Great Trethew

Sat 2nd Mar    - Duke of Beaufort's at Didmarton

Sun 3rd Mar    - East Devon at Ottery St Mary

Sat 9th Mar     - Kingston Blount Racing Club at Kingston Blount

Sun 10th Mar  - Blackmore & Sparkford Vale at Charlton Horethorne

Sat 16th Mar   - Quantock Stags at Cothelstone

Sun 17th Mar  - Dart Vale at Buckfastleigh

Sun 17th Mar  - New Forest at Larkhill

Sat 24th Mar   - Wilton at Milbourne St Andrew

Sat 24th Mar   - VWH at Siddington

Sun 25th Mar  - Lamerton at Kilworthy

Sun 25th Mar  - Mendip at Ston Easton

Sat 30th Mar -  Avon Vale at Larkhill

Sun 31st Mar - Cotley at Chard

Sun 31st Mar - Ledbury at Maisemore Park

Sat 6th April   - Essex Farmers & Union at High Easter

Sun 7th April  - Spooners & W.Dartmoor at Cherrybrook

Sun 7th April  - Portman at Badbury Rings

Sun 14th April - Seavington at Little Windsor

Sun 14th April - Cotswold Vale Farmers at Maisemore Park

Fri 19th April - Area 9 Pony Racing at Cheltenham Racecourse

Sat 20th April - Dartmoor at Flete Park

Sat 20th April - Worcestershire at Chaddesley Corbett

Mon 22nd  April - Taunton Vale at Kingston St Mary

Mon 22nd April - Fourburrow at Trebudannon

Sat 27th April - Berkeley at Woodford

Sat 27th April - Eggesford at Upcott Cross

Sun 28th April - Axe Vale at Stafford Cross

Sun 28th April - Knightwick Races at Knightwick

Sat 4th May - Modbury at Flete Park

Sun 5th May - Devon & Somerset at Holnicote

Mon 6th May - Cattistock at Little Windsor

Mon 6th May - Stevenstone at Vauterhill

Sat 11th May - Minehead & W.Somerset at Holnicote

Sat 11th May - Wheatland at Chaddesley Corbett

Sun 12th May - Fourburrow at Trebuddanon

Wed 15th May - Weston & Banwell at Cothelstone

Sun 19th May - Dulverton West at Bratton Down

Sun 26th May - West Somerset Vale at Cothelstone

Mon 27th May - South Tetcott at Upcott Cross

Mon 27th May - Albrigthon & Woodland(South) at Chaddesly

Autograss Events we have filmed in 2018

BAS Rounds 1 (York )  

BAS Eound 2 (Cwmdu) at the Ovals , Kington, Hereford  

Bas Round 3 (Scunthorpe) at Blyton

 BAS Round 4 -  N.Yorkshire at Thornborough

 BAS Round 5 - Southern League at Bearley 


August 19th /20th - LADIES & JUNIORS NATIONALS at Tenby

Aug 25th/27th - Fastest Man on Grass - Caenby Corner

Oct 7th - Southern League Grand Prix - Bearley, Yeovil

Oct 21st  - Gloucester Autograss 

Oct 29th  - Nottingham Autograss Winter Series R2

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