Sun 17th Nov - Dunsmore Racing at Dunsmore

Sun    1st Dec - Hursley Hambledon at Larkhill

Sun    8th Dec - Cornwall Club at Wadebridge

Sun 15th Dec  - Barbury Inter racing Club at Barbury Castle

Sun 5th January 2020 - Larkhill Racing Club at Larkhill

Sun 12th January 2012 - North Cornwall at Wadebridge

Sat 18th January - Royal Artillery at Larkhill

Sun 19th January - Modbury Harriers at Buckfastleigh

Sun 26th Jan- Tiverton at Chipley Park

Sun 26th  Jan - Heythrop at Cockleburrow


Sun 2nd Feb - South Dorset at Milbourne St Andrew

Sat 8th Feb - Albrighton Woodland at Chaddesley Corbett

Sun 9th Feb - Vine & Craven at Barbury Castle

Sun 9th Feb - Western at Wadebridge

Sun 16th Feb - South Pool at Buckfastleigh

Sun 16th Feb - Combined Services at Larkhill


EVENT                                                          VENUE                                                                                    DATES

  1. MAP OPEN  - RADFORD AUTOGRASS   - INKBERROW                                -    1st/2nd June

  2. BAS ROUND 2  - STOUD AUTOGRASS   - GOSSINGTON BRIDGE           -   22nd/23rd  June

  3. LADIES DAY - SOUTHERN LEAGUE          -   BEARLEY RACEWAY              -   7th July

  4. BAS ROUND 3 - GLOUCESTER LEAGUE - MAGOR RACEWAY                 -   13/14th July

  5. MENS NATRIONALS  - EVESHAM           -  JOHN WILKINS RACEWAY   -   3rd/4th August

  6. BAS ROUND 4  - YORKSHIRE DALES     - THORNBOROUGH                     -   17th /18th August

  7. FASTEST MAN ON GRASS  - CAENBY CORNER, LINCOLN                          -  25th/26th August


  9. BAS ROUND 5 - NORTH WALES - Broughton, NR  CHESTER                  -  14/15th Sept



Sun 18th Nov - Silverton & Mid Devon - at Buckfastleigh

Sat 24th Nov  - N.Hereford                     - at Eaton Hall

Sun 25th Nov - Vine & Caven                 - at Barbury Castle

Sun 2nd Dec   - Hursley Hambledon     - at Larkhill

Sun 9th Dec    - Cornwall Hunt Club      - at Wadebridge

Sun 16th Dec  - Barbury IRC                   - at Barbury Castle

Fri - 30th Dec  - Harkaway Club             - at Chaddesley Corbett


Sun 6th Jan    - Larkhill Racing Club  at Larkhill

Sun 13th Jan  - North Cornwall  at Wadebridge

Sat  26th Jan  - Royal Artillery  at Larkhill

Sun 27th  Jan - Tiverton  at Chipley Park

 Sun 27th  Jan - Heythrop  at Cockleburrow


Sat 16th Feb   - Western at Wadebridge

Sun 17th Feb  - South Pool at Buckfastleigh

Sun 17th Feb  - Combined Services at Larkhill

Sat 23th Feb   - Albrighton Woodland at Chaddesley 

Sat 23rd Feb   - Vine & Craven at Barbury Castle

Sun 24th Feb  - Countryside Alliance at Badbury Rings

Sun 24th Feb  - East Cornwall - at Great Trethew

Sat 2nd Mar    - Duke of Beaufort's at Didmarton

Sun 3rd Mar    - East Devon at Ottery St Mary

Sat 9th Mar     - Kingston Blount Racing Club at Kingston Blount

Sun 10th Mar  - Blackmore & Sparkford Vale at Charlton Horethorne

Sat 16th Mar   - Quantock Stags at Cothelstone

Sun 17th Mar  - Dart Vale at Buckfastleigh

Sun 17th Mar  - New Forest at Larkhill

Sat 24th Mar   - Wilton at Milbourne St Andrew

Sat 24th Mar   - VWH at Siddington

Sun 25th Mar  - Lamerton at Kilworthy

Sun 25th Mar  - Mendip at Ston Easton

Sat 30th Mar -  Avon Vale at Larkhill

Sun 31st Mar - Cotley at Chard

Sun 31st Mar - Ledbury at Maisemore Park

Sat 6th April   - Essex Farmers & Union at High Easter

Sun 7th April  - Spooners & W.Dartmoor at Cherrybrook

Sun 7th April  - Portman at Badbury Rings

Sun 14th April - Seavington at Little Windsor

Sun 14th April - Cotswold Vale Farmers at Maisemore Park

Fri 19th April - Area 9 Pony Racing at Cheltenham Racecourse

Sat 20th April - Dartmoor at Flete Park

Sat 20th April - Worcestershire at Chaddesley Corbett

Mon 22nd  April - Taunton Vale at Kingston St Mary

Mon 22nd April - Fourburrow at Trebudannon

Sat 27th April - Berkeley at Woodford

Sat 27th April - Eggesford at Upcott Cross

Sun 28th April - Axe Vale at Stafford Cross

Sun 28th April - Knightwick Races at Knightwick

Sat 4th May - Modbury at Flete Park

Sun 5th May - Devon & Somerset at Holnicote

Mon 6th May - Cattistock at Little Windsor

Mon 6th May - Stevenstone at Vauterhill

Sat 11th May - Minehead & W.Somerset at Holnicote

Sat 11th May - Wheatland at Chaddesley Corbett

Sun 12th May - Fourburrow at Trebuddanon

Wed 15th May - Weston & Banwell at Cothelstone

Sun 19th May - Dulverton West at Bratton Down

Sun 26th May - West Somerset Vale at Cothelstone

Mon 27th May - South Tetcott at Upcott Cross

Mon 27th May - Albrigthon & Woodland(South) at Chaddesly

Autograss Events we have filmed in 2018

BAS Rounds 1 (York )  

BAS Eound 2 (Cwmdu) at the Ovals , Kington, Hereford  

Bas Round 3 (Scunthorpe) at Blyton

 BAS Round 4 -  N.Yorkshire at Thornborough

 BAS Round 5 - Southern League at Bearley 


August 19th /20th - LADIES & JUNIORS NATIONALS at Tenby

Aug 25th/27th - Fastest Man on Grass - Caenby Corner

Oct 7th - Southern League Grand Prix - Bearley, Yeovil

Oct 21st  - Gloucester Autograss 

Oct 29th  - Nottingham Autograss Winter Series R2

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